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Pokemon Go Weedle Community Day – Time, bonus, Exclusive Move, more

Published: 20/Jun/2020 2:45

by Paul Cot


The Pokemon Go June Community Day will be headlined by Weedle. It should be a welcomed decision because we voted for it!

The Weedle Community Day will take place on June 20 between 11am and 5pm in your local time. This means the monthly event will continue to last for six hours as opposed to the traditional three.

As is the case with most Community Days, we will see the introduction of its Shiny form which until tomorrow has yet to be seen in the Pokemon Go world. Of course, Shiny Weedle will be rare but no so rare that you can’t find quite a few over the duration of the event.


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There will be two bonuses for the June Community Day. They are 3x Catch Stardust and increased Incense duration. Incenses will last for three hours, so you can use one for the entirety of the event with only using two of them.

Drill Run Beedrill

Exclusive Moves remain a part of the much changed Community Days with, as usual, if you evolve the CD headliner into its final form within two hours after the event ends, you will get an Exclusive Move. For Beedrill it will be Drill Run.

This is an interesting addition as it is a ground-type move. It deals 80 damage for 45 energy making it an immediately appealing move.


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Beedrill Pokemon Go
Beedrill’s stats may not be that impressive but they’re actually not too bad for Great League due to its low max CP…

Competing moves include Sludge Bomb (80 damage, 50 energy) and X-Scissor (45 damage, 35 energy). As Drill Run doesn’t benefit from STAB this puts it in a strange position.

It is somewhat in between the two. However, presuming you are using Poison Jab as the Fast Move (which you should), Drill Run arguably gets the nod ahead of Sludge Bomb.

This gives you more diversity when it comes to attack types, even at the expense of STAB. Poison Jab with X-Scissor and Drill Run is the way to go we believe.

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Beedrill’s maximum CP is a relatively low 1,846 CP. This immediately rules it out of Ultra and Master League in GO Battle League. Unfortunately, despite a good attack stat, and even with Drill Run, it remains fairly average even at the Great League level.


Elsewhere, there will be a one-time purchase called the June Community Day bundle. This will feature an Elite Charged TM, 30 Ultra Balls, 3 Star Pieces, and 3 Incense.

Enjoy the Pokemon Go Community Day you voted for, trainers!