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Pokemon Go Weather Week Field Research: Shiny Castform, tasks & rewards

Published: 25/Mar/2021 18:33

by Brent Koepp


Weather Week field research has arrived in Pokemon Go, and Niantic is celebrating the event with the debut of Shiny Castform. Here is every task and reward for the limited-time festivities. 

Pokemon Go’s Seasons of Legends is wrapping up its first month with a special celebration called Weather Week. The five-day festival honors the series’ most beloved climate-themed ‘mon.

Niantic is using the unique event to debut Castform’s Shiny form – a first for the Gen III character who made its debut in 2003. Here is every Field Research and Exclusive Research Trainers needs to complete.

Screenshot of Castform Pokemon Go Weather Week art.
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
Pokemon Go is celebrating its final days of March 2021 with the special Weather Week event.

Pokemon Go Weather Week Field Research

For those new to Go, every Trainer gets “Exclusive Research” automatically just by logging on. The unique tasks and rewards will expire by the time the events ends. Field Research on the other hand is given out by spinning your local PokeStops.


Unfortunately, those looking to increase their chances of catching the rare Shiny Castform will have to leave their house to get Field Research instead as Niantic has tied the rare variant to it.

Thankfully, the tasks aren’t too hard with the trickiest one being “win two Raids.” Below we will break down Weather Week’s Field Research which can be obtained from spinning PokeStops or Gyms.

Weather Week Field Research

  • Catch five Flying-type Pokemon: Swablu encounter (chance to be Shiny)
  • Catch seven Water, Electric, or Bug-type Pokemon: Castform encounter (chance to be Shiny)
  • Win two raids: Emolga encounter
  • Catch seven Water-type Pokemon: Tympole encounter
  • Catch seven Flying, Psychic, or Dragon-type Pokemon: Castform encounter (chance to be Shiny)
Screenshot of Exclusive Research in Pokemon Go.
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
Exclusive Research is different from Field Research received at PokeStops.

Pokemon Go Weather Week Exclusive Research

As stated earlier, Go players who log in from March 24 through 29 will automatically get Exclusive Research. It expires on the final day at 8:00 PM local time, so use your time wisely!

Tasks 1/4

  • Catch 10 Water, Electric, or Bug-type Pokemon: Rainy Form Castform encounter.
  • Take a Snapshot of a Water-type Pokemon: 200 Stardust.
  • Send three gifts to friends: Psyduck encounter.

Completion Rewards: Wailmer encounter, 5x Poke Ball, 500 XP.


Those looking to complete this page quickly should throw down an Incense for the 10 Pokemon. To take a snapshot, open up your menu. Look for a Water-type and then click the ‘mon. Below the star icon in the upper right-hand corner is a camera image – click it.

Once your camera is open, aim your phone at a flat surface that is far enough away for the ‘mon character model be able to pop in. Once you take the photo of the character, you can now back out. The game will automatically detect that you took a snapshot.

Tasks 2/4

  • Catch 15 Water, Electric, or Bug-type Pokemon: Rainy Form Castform encounter.
  • Power up Pokemon seven times: 3x Pinap Berry.
  • Defeat two Team Rocket Grunts: Buizel encounter.

Completion Rewards: Rainy Castform encounter, 7x Poke Ball, 500 XP.


By far the trickiest task here is defeat two Team Rocket Grunts, simply because there is no way to really speed this up for players staying at home. Make sure to turn off any Rocket Radar enabled as beating bosses doesn’t count. If you don’t want to wait for a blimp to show up, you can drive around and look for PokeStops taken over by the villainous group.

As far as the “Power Up seven times” task, we recommend sorting Pokemon by lowest CP and boosting a ‘mon you don’t really care about. Might seem like a waste, but it will save you big time on precious resources. Lastly, continue to use an Incense to quickly catch 15 ‘mon.


Tasks 3/4

  • Catch 15 Flying, Psychic or Dragon-type Pokemon: Rainy Castform encounter.
  • Make 5 Nice Curveball throws: 600x Stardust.
  • Earn five hearts with your buddy: Woobat encounter.

Completion Rewards: Swellow encounter, 10x Poke Ball, 800 XP.

Now the tasks are starting to get difficult. As if catching 15 Pokemon wasn’t hard enough, now Niantic wants Psychic and Dragon. Our best advice here is to again use an Incense and maybe drive around in a car.  The five Curveballs will probably be easy for veteran players. For those struggling, focus on ‘mon who are big in size as they will have a giant catch circle.

Lastly, the quickest way to earn five hearts is to feed your Buddy a Poffin. If you have one, simply click the image of your buddy on the lower-left hand corner of the screen. Now click the Berry icon that is above the ‘mon’s model. At the bottom of the screen, click “Quick Treat.” Silver Pinap or Golden Razz Berries will also get you hearts quickly.


Tasks 4/4

  • Catch 20 Flying,  Psychic, or Dragon-type Pokemon: Rainy Castform encounter.
  • Make nine Curveball Throws in a row: 1,200x Stardust.
  • Evolve three Pokemon: Swablu encounter.

Completion Rewards: Togetic encounter, 12x Poke Ball, 1,200 XP.

Screenshot of rainy Castform in Pokemon Go.
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
Rainy Castform is the star of Weather Week. Lucky players may even find a Shiny version!

Unlike the above tier, now you must execute nine Curveball throws in a row! We again recommend Trainers focus on bigger-sized characters who have a large catch circle. Thankfully, you only need to connect with the ‘mon so you dont even have to catch them or get a Nice or Great throw.

If you already have three Pokemon you wanted to evolve anyways, now is the perfect time to do it. If not, then look for characters that have a second evolution that only cost 25 candy. It might seem like a waste, but this will go by a lot faster if you can just quickly trigger three evolutions at a low cost.