Pokemon Go update adds “phantom gifts” glitch as data usage bug returns

pokemon go gift feature with psyduckNiantic

Pokemon Go gifts are not working as intended after Niantic rolled out a new update, leaving players incredibly confused after opening them to find nothing inside. 

Just like many other video games, this one is no stranger to the odd gameplay error, and it looks like the community have found another one.

On July 28, the Pokemon Go subreddit has been filled with posts from users after being left frustrated by the game. The new glitch appears to have come in the aftermath of the latest patches – version 0.215.0 on Android, and 1.181.0 on iOS Apple devices.

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On top of that, though, players have started to receive a load of gifts from friends. The odd thing is, though, when you open them up there is nothing inside – as seen in the clip below from Reddit user fegodev.

Pokemon Go gift glitch explained

To make matters even stranger, some other users have reported that their friends may not be sending any gifts at all, but instead the glitch is causing them to appear. One described them as “phantom” gifts, as there’s nothing to gain from receiving them.

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Another poster said: “My friends list is showing a gift from every single one of my friends, including people I know irl who have not played in 2 years!

“If you click through to the profile there is no gift to open, but there is a gift icon next to every name. Actual unopened gifts say ‘trainername sent you a gift’ as expected, but the glitch ones say ‘trainername caught pokemon’ with a gift icon instead of the sprite.”

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How to fix Pokemon Go gift glitch

It has been noted that restarting the Pokemon Go application, on both iOS and Android, will refresh your friends list and remove the gifts.

However, it does appear to only be a temporary wipe and they can return in a new session. Fingers crossed, Niantic will fix this soon.

Data usage bug also found

pokemon goPixabay
Keep an eye on your mobile data usage while playing Pokemon Go.

Some trainers have reported the data usage increase bug is back as part of the content refresh, too.

With it being a forced update, that means you have to download it to play it as well, so do watch out for it. Some trainers claim that the bug has led to them doubling their mobile data usage while using the app.

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User Falafelmeister92 said: “In the past two weeks alone, I used more than 1GB. Previously, I would use around 500MB or less in a full month.”

With two huge problems affecting the game since the latest Pokemon Go update, it would appear it’s only a matter of time before Niantic pull the trigger on a hotfix.

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