Pokemon Go trainers slam Niantic’s “worthless” Zorua apology gift box

Pokemon Go Players Call Out Niantic Over Bad Premium Bundle BoxesNiantic

Pokemon Go trainers are slamming Niantic after they issued a “worthless” free box to apologize for issues with Zorua’s initial launch.

On October 25, Niantic began introducing Zorua into Pokemon Go by making the creature spawn before and after Shuppet Spotlight Hour.

However, it was quickly removed from the game after players began reporting issues with Zorua’s stats after catching it and disabled trading, transferring to HOME, and using the ‘mon in the Go Battle League.

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Pokemon Go has now revealed that they are updating the stats of affected Zorua and launched a free gift box as an apology, but trainers aren’t exactly excited about it.

Pokemon Go trainers slam “worthless” Zorua apology box

In a tweet on November 15, Niantic announced that they have lifted all restrictions on Zorua in Pokemon Go, and trainers can claim an item bundle from the in-game shop.

The ‘Free Box’ provided by the developers contains one Star Piece, one Lure Module, and 20 PokeBalls for players around the world, and many are calling it “worthless.”

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“Frankly it would probably have been better from a PR perspective to not give a free apology box at all if it was going to just contain worthless shit,” one player replied.

Another user replied to the tweet: “More like a slap in the face,” while others are calling out Niantic for not lifting restrictions on Zorua before making the tweet.

An increasing number of players have called out Niantic for the contents of in-game boxes recently, with some even claiming you should buy single items instead.

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