Pokemon Go trainers slam Niantic over Keldeo Special Research cost


Pokemon Go trainers on Reddit are slamming Niantic over the cost of the upcoming Keldeo-focused Special Research quest ticket.

Pokemon Go revealed the latest in-game event, Mythic Blade, on December 2 alongside a special weekend-only ticketed Special Research quest, a collection challenge, and more.

Soon after the event began rolling out on December 6, fans noticed the Keldeo-focused Special Research ticket cost was $7.99 for those in the US.

Trainers quickly took to the Pokemon Go subreddit to share their thoughts about the eight-dollar price, with other countries showing a cost of over $10.00 for the ticket despite Niantic saying it would be similar.

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Fans slam Niantic over Keldeo Special Research Ticket cost

In the Pokemon Go blog announcing the ticketed event, Niantic explained that the cost of the ticket would be the “equivalent pricing tier” in other currencies.

Soon after launch, though, fans learned that wasn’t actually happening.

One post on the Pokemon Go subreddit showed the ticket price of ten euros and said: “…So that was a lie: $7,99 = 7,62€. Keep your 10€ pony, you rats.”

In another post, fans called for a boycott against pay-to-play events like the Keldeo Special Research Ticket.

“Hope more people just don’t buy it, I can’t see the value in it either, need to send a message with a lack of sales,” one user replied.

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Another user replied: “The game is rapidly accelerating into the “grab it all while you can” phase in terms of monetization.”

This isn’t the first time Niantic has placed a sought-after Pokemon behind a paywall, either. In December 2020, Niantic released Galarian Mr Mime behind a similarly priced ticket as well.