Pokemon Go trainers slam Niantic for “low effort” 6th Anniversary message

Dylan Horetski
PokemonGo6th anniversary event image

Pokemon Go trainers on Reddit are slamming Niantic’s 6th-anniversary message, stating that it’s “low effort” and explaining that other games do more for their players to celebrate. 

Pokemon Go was released on July 6, 2016, and it promptly took over the mobile gaming sphere with its popularity.

To celebrate 6 years, Niantic revealed the Pokemon Go Anniversary Event that launched on July 6, 2022, alongside an in-game message from the company.

Fans quickly took to Reddit after the message was sent out, slamming the developers in the process.

Trainers slam Niantic’s anniversary message

Alongside the in-game message, Niantic shared this year’s “anniversary art” that trainers quickly realized showcased a few Pokemon that have yet to be released in the game.

A user by the name of msupak720 took to the PokemonGo subreddit to mock the message and accompanying picture. He captioned the post: “To celebrate, look at this picture!”

Pokemon Go Anniversary message
Cosmog, Dusk Lycanroc, and Hisuian starters are seen in the image.

In the hours since it was posted, it has been upvoted 637 times with almost 100 comments of trainers slamming Niantic and the anniversary photo.

One user said: “It’s a really nice drawing, not gonna lie, but the way it was announced feels a little… anti-climatic.”

While another user slammed the company for their “low effort” anniversary: “Anniversary for duel link, they give like 500 gems +2000 more by quest. Pokemon anniversary on DS gave legendary/mythical in a Special Ball.

“Wtf is this low-effort sh*tty anniversary this? Been playing since launch and it’s not getting better.”

However, it does appear that other trainers are excited about the anniversary event that began on July 6, 2022, which brought new costumed Pokemon and a wide variety of spawns throughout the beginning of the month.