Pokemon Go trainers slam lack of Weather Effects updates: “It has been six months” - Dexerto

Pokemon Go trainers slam lack of Weather Effects updates: “It has been six months”

Published: 8/May/2022 1:12

by Alec Mullins


Niantic disabled Pokemon Go’s visual weather effects system in December 2021 and players are not happy over its continued absence more than six months after the fact. 

Pokemon Go is a premier Augmented Reality experience but that doesn’t mean it’s without flaws.  One of the most notable problems with the game is the lack of its signature weather effects system.

Previously, the weather conditions in-game would match up with what local players were experiencing in real-time.

Some bugged lighting problems led to the feature being taken out of the game near the end of 2021 but some trainers are frustrated over its disappearance.


Pokemon Go players slam lack of Weather Effects updates

Pokemon Go Weather Week
Pokemon Go’s weather effects kept the game looking fresh.

The last major update on the subject was Niantic’s initial tweet announcing that it had been “temporarily disabled” in December.

This post also reassured players that it would only visually change the game, and that the Weather Boost system would still function as normal.

“Trainers, we’ve temporarily disabled some weather-related visual effects in Pokémon GO as we investigate a bug. Gameplay will only be visually affected.”

Fast forward to May and there have been zero significant updates around the situation, so fans took to Reddit to lodge their complaints.

One commenter noted that it makes the game feel far blander for those that play a lot: “Almost six months, but I still miss it. The game just looks boring when it’s constantly the same (aside from day/night).”


Another player added that the system isn’t getting the weather right internally either, completely misrepresenting entire regional climates.

“The weather in the game has been hit or miss for me since they implemented it. It’ll say it’s raining but it’s sunny. For some reason, it shows the weather from the mountains like 60 miles away”

While it doesn’t look like any new updates are coming for this situation anytime soon, it is still listed as a Known Issue on the PoGo site, so a fix could still be in the works.