Pokemon Go trainers slam “cash grab” December Community Day spawns

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Pokemon Go trainers on Reddit are slamming the quality of spawns during December Community Day, saying it felt like a “cash grab” event for Niantic.

On December 17 and 18, 2022, Pokemon Go held the biggest Community Day event of the year — bringing over 20 different spawns to players.

Alongside the spawns, Niantic introduced two new research quest lines for players to complete during the event.

But now, Pokemon Go trainers have taken to Reddit to slam the event, calling it a “cash grab” for Niantic.

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Pokemon Go trainers slam “cash grab” Community Day

On December 18, just a day after the event ended, a Redditor by the name of fallen0523 shared his thoughts on the event.

In their post, they ask if anyone feels like Niantic “kinda screwed” players during the event by only having certain spawns show up at the end of every hour.

“Saturday, I could only get three of each to spawn,” they explained. “On Sunday, only two Bulbasaur spawned, two Mudkip (and during one of the encounters, the game decided to crash and it fled), and only one Dratini showed up on the entire map.

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“Idk, it’s my personal opinion, but compared to previous community days, this seemed like a bit of a cash grab for Niantic Holiday Bonuses for their staff.”

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Many other players took to the comments to share their thoughts as well.

“I saw a Mudkip and went “hey look a Mudkip”. That’s it. Saw ONE Mudkip, zero Bulbasaurs or Dratinis,” one user replied.

Another player replied: “They only spawned for a grand total of 10 minutes each between the two days. Same for Bulbasaur. That was my biggest disappointment. I was really hoping to get a shiny Bulbasaur or at least some candy for it. No dice.”

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“Same here!! One Mudkip and absolutely no Dratini or Bulbasaur. Sandshrew was everywhere though,” said a third user.

All in all, it appears users aren’t too happy about the recent event and hope that Niantic begins improving the overall player experience.

Because right now, fans are losing hope over the recent “pay-to-win” trend.

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