Pokemon Go trainers propose simple fix for “broken” Radar system

Niantic/The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Go is an uber-popular augmented reality game but that doesn’t mean it’s without flaws. The Catch-Em-All’s radar has been a source of contention for high-level players for years but this simple fix could alleviate those problems altogether. 

Pokemon Go gives players access to an unprecedented amount of creatures that have never been featured in the same game before. From the Legendary dogs to the brand new guardian spirits of Alola, no other game in the franchise brings every generation together like PoGo. However, this kind of gigantic roster cast comes at a cost.

The ‘nearby’ function is intended to show you the creatures that have spawned closest to your location, but will also show off priority spawners that are not registered on your Pokedex.

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While this might sound like a good thing at first, it also makes life harder for the most dedicated players.

Trainers propose genius fox Pokemon Go’s nearby radar system

Pokemon Go's radarNiantic/The Pokemon Company
When players are approaching the summit of the Pokemon Go experience the grind can become a little overwhelming.

In the game’s current system, as you level up and find more of the game’s rarest offerings, your priority spawns will start to be diluted by the mundane Pokemon that you’ve either decided to skip or have no interest in catching.

In practice, this means that despite sinking more hours into the game than most of the player base, a trainer could be getting shown a ‘mon that is common in their area instead of something far more exotic.

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However, one player has come up with the fix of a lifetime by suggesting adjustable filters, like Distance, Type, and Weather, that would customize the game to meet individual priorities.

If each player could highlight exactly what they’re after, not only would it make the game easier for the vets, but it would also remove the clutter of the normal radar.

Pokemon Go radar screenNiantic
Some changes to the radar would be a welcome addition for players of all levels.

When explaining how this could be useful, the trainer said that she’s just always on edge about missing a real goodie: “I could’ve walked past an Axew just a few streets away without even knowing.”

There’s no sign of this issue being a priority for Niantic right now, but it’s something to watch out for as we prepare for the arrival of a new generation in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet later this year.

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