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Pokemon Go: Trainers furious with ‘broken’ shiny Carvanha rate

Published: 17/May/2020 20:51

by Paul Cot


Trainers were looking forward to finding shiny Carvanha in Pokemon Go’s second Incense Day event, but due to an apparent glitch, many missed out on the opportunity.

Understandably these Trainers weren’t happy. Some even played the entire duration of the six-hour event to come up empty handed.

It looks like this wasn’t down to luck, though. Instead an issue with Pokemon Go itself appears to be the problem.

During such events, specific species have their chances of appearing as a shiny increased. So, had you played the majority of this event, the chances are you’d find a shiny Carvanha.


New Zealand and Australia the guinea pigs

Reportedly, this increased shiny rate wasn’t activated, however. Pokemon Go trainers from New Zealand and Australia had been complaining about ultra-low shiny rates until a short network outage.

From there, the expected shiny rate seemed to come about. That means those in New Zealand supposedly played 5 hours and 20 minutes without the boosted shiny rate, and those in Australia for 3 hours and 20 minutes.

“Been playing all day and just got the one shiny Carvanha now (with 2 mins to go before the event ends). Glad to have gotten one but still sucky how it was only fixed now,” lupe_brodrax commented on Reddit.


Some trainers are arguing that the rate didn’t improve after that either, but the overwhelming feedback was there were more shinies in these regions towards the end of the event. Those who were unable to find one in the later stages were probably just unlucky.

Other trainers got their desired shiny with just minutes remaining. “What a waste of time. Took 5 hours and 57 mins to get a shiny. It’s annoying being the event guinea pig country sometimes,” ISmellAFreakshow said in reference to Pokemon Go events starting in New Zealand first.

Make up event?

Niantic have yet to comment on the event and whether the shiny rate was indeed broken for the first portion of it. Last month they made a ‘make-up’ event for those in the EMEA regions following an issue with the GO Battle: Marill Day.


Whether they do the same for this, though, remains to be seen.