Pokemon Go trainer’s DM with boss reveals Spotlight Hour comes before work

. 2 months ago
man standing with phone in hand in Pokemon Go advertisement
Niantic/The Pokemon Company

It’s not often that gamers get to interrupt their workday just because of a special event, but it turns out that when Spotlight Hour comes knocking not even the bosses of the world can stay off of Pokemon Go. 

Since its launch in 2016, Pokemon Go has always aimed at bringing fans of the franchise together in a completely new way.

So much of the initial advertising for the Augmented Reality game was based on getting trainers to connect in the real world, and that’s exactly what’s happened for an unlikely duo who found themselves with a real work-related predicament on their hands.

Pokemon Go trainer’s boss delays work for Spotlight Hour

Shiny Magikarp appearing in the Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour
Magikarp Spotlight Hour takes center stage for an unusual duo.

Initially shared on Reddit, one employee documented how their boss allowed Pokemon Go to take priority over the start of a project.

In a series of texts, the OP asks what time their setup was to begin the next day, and the boss was completely candid about Magikarp’s big day taking priority.

“Tomorrow at 6:30 pm. Unless it’s Spotlight Hour then we’ll do 7:00 pm,” he said.

The boss goes on to confirm that the job is definitely getting pushed off in favor of Magikarp XL Candy and a little bit of shiny hunting.

Naturally, this drew a big reaction from the community.

One commenter suggested that this kind of bond elevates the duo into being more than colleagues: “This ain’t just a manager. This is a homie.”

Another trainer pointed out that not every professional should follow in these footsteps or else the world could get a little messier than intended:  “Yep. I’m an air traffic controller. Nobody gets to land until 7.”

While this was heartwarming for one duo, it’s probably best to leave this one for the people who won’t cause civilization to collapse by putting the work off an extra thirty minutes.

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