Pokemon Go trainers agree two items are best for spending Poke Coins

Pokemon Go Poke Coins SpendingNiantic

Pokemon Go players have struggled with price increases on in-game items, causing many to focus on specific areas when spending their hard-earned Poke Coins.

Pokemon Go’s premium currency, Poke Coins, isn’t easy to come by. While the coins can be earned by leaving Pokemon in Gyms for a certain period of time, the daily max cap is set at 50 – and that’s only if the player’s Pokemon gets kicked from the Gym they were placed at.

Additionally, the Poke Coins aren’t cheap when bought through the in-game store, with 100 Poke Coins costing a dollar, and most items in the shop costing 100 coins or higher. The high prices of the Pokemon Go bundle boxes have also been met with scrutiny from fans, as the items inside no longer seem worth the hundreds or thousands of Poke Coins it can cost to purchase them.

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As such, many players are selective about what they spend their Poke Coins on, and after comparing notes, it seems like two specific purchases are currently seen as the best investments for Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go players are focusing on inventory expansions

In a Reddit post by Anasomas on the r/pokemongo subreddit, the Pokemon Go player shows off a screenshot of their Poke Coin stash, alongside the comment “What do you spend your coins on?”.

Players who responded to the post seemed to have two big areas they put their coins, including storage upgrades and Remote Raid Passes. One player said, “Remote raid passes and Pokémon/item storage” while another added, “Storage, storage, remote raid pass bundle and more storage.”.

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The Remote Raid Passes are particularly important for players who live in rural areas, work during event times, or aren’t able to spend all day in parks or urban locations. One player backed this up and commented, “I’m preparing to blow all 1k Coins I have, and any coins I get in the next 20 odd days, to invest them all in remote raid passes for Groudon and Kyogre.”

Unfortunately, with how expensive most other items are, many players are likely more willing to wait and get them as Special Research task rewards, rather than spend Poke Coins that could be used for more important areas of gameplay at a later time.

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