Pokemon Go trainer trolls Professor Willow by giving him “disease”

Professor Willow in the A Radiant Reunion Special Research storyNiantic

A Pokemon Go player has made it their mission to make Professor Willow sick in the popular mobile game and they’ve actually found a trick to pull it off.

The Professor in various regions across the Pokemon world is one of the first characters you meet, often giving you the option to choose from three PokeBalls for your starter.

A generous gesture, you might say, but players have found numerous ways to troll him in return.

This October, Pokemon Go players have once again been playing around with the voice lines and this time it appears they want to pass a disease onto Willow.

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Pokemon Go trainer trolls Professor Willow

On October 12, a Reddit user by the name of XxDiabeto showed off a trick they used. They said: “I have a date with the Professor later but…”

The image showed a transfer screen from the popular video game, which says: “Do you want to transfer your disease to the Professor? You cannot undo a transfer.”

As expected, the meme was quickly met with hundreds of upvotes.

To pull this prank off, the trick is to rename one of your Pokemon in lowercase.

That way, when the decision appears on-screen it will look just like the game is asking you to give a disease – or something else – to the character.

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One user joked: “Better bring a Chansey along. Better yet, nurse Jenny.”

The original poster replied: “I’m not sure anything will cure this poison!”

Of course, there is no way to do something as cheeky as this in Pokemon Go, but it appears if there was… A few people would have a few chuckles at Professor Willow’s expense.