Pokemon Go trainer tells story of catching 1000 Shiny Pokemon in just 3 years

Pokemon Go trainer gets 1000 shiniesThe Pokemon Company/Niantic

A Pokemon Go trainer has showcased their unbelievable collection of 1000 shinies that were obtained in just three years of playtime.

As with any Pokemon game in the franchise, encountering a Shiny Mon is a memorable and special experience. For some, finding these rare creatures is as simple as hopping onto the game and exploring their local area.

However, others can go on long dry streaks lasting for years without seeing a single Shiny Pokemon, it all comes down to luck.

Well, one trainer has showcased their unbelievable collection of shinies and it’s blown the Pokemon Go community away. With 1,000 Shiny Mons in their storage, this trainer has certainly mastered the art of tracking down and catching rare Pokemon.

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Pokemon Go has millions of players all around the globe.

Pokemon Go trainer shows off 1000 Shiny collection

A trainer has shocked and impressed the Pokemon Go community after posting their collection of 1000 Shinies to the game’s subreddit.

Golden_Gallantry’s thread has garnered over 1,600 upvotes at the time of writing and countless trainers have complimented the dedicated player on their achievement.

According to the trainer, after three years of playing Pokemon Go, their collection of shinies has finally reached 1000 in total. Golden_Gallantry achieved this incredible milestone on May 16 with a Shiny Swablu they’ve named Fred.

The player even included a screenshot of their massive collection as proof of its existence.

“It’s been a really fun 3 years of my account being live, tons of memories, and more to be made… Swablu CDay let me hit 1000 shiny Pokemon.”

As expected, a lot of Pokemon Go trainers in the thread were incredibly surprised at the collection and took the time to congratulate Golden_Gallantry.

One player wrote, “Man congratulations I am proud of you” and another complimented the trainer’s hard work and effort: “Nice! You’ve been hard at work.”

While finding Shinies for some trainers can feel like a bit of a chore, Golden_Gallantry is certainly proof that with enough effort, it’s possible to build up an incredible set of rare Pokemon.

Fingers crossed we get another update on the collection in the near future and hopefully, Golden_Gallantry can potentially reach 2,000 shinies in the next few years.