Pokemon Go trainer reveals Wailmer looks like famous actor and people can’t unsee it

Pokemon / Nintendo

A Pokemon Go trainer recently drew a comparison between Wailmer – a large whale Pokemon – and a famous actor, and now players can’t unsee the similarities.

It’s not often that a Pokemon’s physical appearance is compared to a real living person’s. Even humanoid Pokemon like Gardevoire, Mr. Mime, and Lopunny don’t bring any names to mind when asked if they look like someone famous.

But with over 1,000 Pokemon in existence following the release of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, there are bound to be a few that have slight similarities to some of the most popular people on the planet.

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Greedent looks like Jonah Hill, Machoke looks like The Rock, and Diglett looks like Vin Diesel if he were buried in the sand. But one Pokemon Go player has made a comparison that is sure to haunt players every time they encounter a Wailmer.

Wailmer looks like Jack Nicholson nodding gif

Reddit user BraDDsTer-_- made the comparison on the r/pokemongo subreddit. Simply titled “The resemblance is uncanny”, the post included a gif of Wailmer in Pokemon Go next to the meme of Jack Nicholson nodding in Anger Management.

While at first, the comparison may seem a stretch, seeing both Wailmer and Nicholson bob their heads in tandem makes for a pretty hard case. The beard, the eyes, the teeth… the similarities do seem a bit uncanny.

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And users in the comments seemingly agree. “How to unsee this!” on user exclaimed, while another stated, “I knew he reminded me of someone!” Others said that it must be like looking in a mirror when they look at each other.

Now that you’ve been exposed to this comparison, it’s going to be hard to see Wailmer without hearing “Here’s Johnny!” And sadly, the Pokemon’s face stays the same when evolved into Wailord meaning players can’t escape Nicholson’s grin.