Pokemon Go trainer reveals insane stats after 4,112 Mewtwo raids

Dylan Horetski
Pokemon Go trainer reveals insane mewtwo raid stats
Pixabay: aitoff/Niantic

A Pokemon Go trainer has revealed his insane catches after taking part in 4,112 Mewtwo Raids during the Pokemon GO TCG Crossover event. 

From June 16 to June 30, 2022, The Pokemon Go TCG crossover event took place in the game and featured Mewtwo in Five-Star Raids.

During the event, a trainer by the name of ‘VegardKnutsen’ revealed that he had participated in 4,112 Mewtwo raids both in-person and remote.

In a tweet just days after the event ended, they revealed the insane stats from all their catches.

Pokemon Go shiny mewtwo haul
Pokemon Go released Shiny Mewtwo in the game back in 2020.

Pokemon Go trainer reveals insane Mewtwo raid stats

Posted on July 4, 2022, VegardKnutsen revealed the stats regarding his iconic Mewtwo raid adventure.

He caught: 4112 raids, 20 with Perfect IV, 211 Shiny, 38 level 50 Mewtwo with perfect IV, 13,107 Mewtwo Candy XL, and 2 Shiny Mewtwo with perfect IV

With 4,112 raids done in the game in just two weeks, quite possibly making Vegard the most dedicated trainer in all of Pokemon Go.

At the time of writing, it’s unknown how many regular and remote passes he used to complete the task. However, if every raid was done via a remote raid pass, Vegard would have invested $4,112 into the game during the event.

Being that the game gives you a free regular raid pass every day though, it’s likely that his purchase would have been significantly lower.

After Vegard posted his tweet, it made its way over to the Pokemon Go subreddit where other trainers flooded the comments wondering exactly how it was possible.

One user mentioned that if every raid takes five minutes of time, that would add up to well over 14 days of playing without sleeping or eating.

Minutes later, another user brought up the fact that the trainer mentioned they were invited to a lot of the raids, meaning they entered the lobby after the counter was started.

“If they started at the beginning of countdown timer, average 5 minutes parade continuously 24 hours a day for 14 days,” they explained. “But, remember they’re being invited so the countdown timer is much less let’s say an average of 45 seconds to the raid start…that would leave them with 5 hours a day to sleep.”

Either way, the trainer’s hard work throughout the event helped them gather a pretty impressive haul — and will likely the talk between other players for weeks to come.