Pokemon Go trainer rages about major costume Kirlia flaw

kirlia pokemon goPokemon/Niantic

A Pokemon Go trainer has taken to Reddit to rage about a major issue with costumed Kirlia that is preventing them from having a shiny Mega Gardevoir.

For the last few releases of costumed ‘mon in Pokemon Go, Niantic has not enabled the ability to evolve them.

It may not be a big deal when it comes to the more common creatures like Pikachu, but with the release of Mega Gardevoir in the ongoing Valentine’s Day event, many are checking out their costumed Kirlia’s yet again.

Angry that it can’t be evolved, a Redditor by the name of chaukobee posted on the Pokemon Go subreddit, sharing his thoughts.

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Pokemon Go fan shares major issue with costumed Kirlia

On February 8, the Redditor posted a screenshot of their shiny costumed Kirlia on the subreddit, and called out Niantic in the process.

“F in the chat… A top hat is denying me from a shiny Gardevoir. Niantic, let me evolve my Kirlia,” they said.

In the picture, you can see their Kirlia is rated three stars, and is the tallest one in their collection.

The post quickly gained a bit of traction on the subreddit, and other fans took to the comments to share their frustrations as well.

“I have your pain exactly. Same Pokémon. Same shiny,” one user replied.

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“I have a similar situation with 93% shiny Squirtle from the New Year event,” a second trainer commented.

Others also took to the comments to share that occasionally, Niantic will enable evolution for costumed Pokemon.

A Redditor commented: “They gave me the option to evolve my new years Hoot Hoot suddenly so I think it’s possible they’d make it possible in the future.”

So, it’s possible that Niantic will enable the ability to evolve Shiny costumed Kirlia — but whether or not it’s gonna happen during the Valentine’s Day event is still to be determined.