Pokemon Go trainer has been playing so much it burnt their iPhone screen

Pokemon Go trainer has been playing so much it burnt iPhone screenThe Pokemon Company / Niantic / Pixabay

A Pokemon Go trainer shared something that will horrify many players of Niantic’s hit mobile title: they’ve played so much, the game has burned into their iPhone screen permanently.

Since Pokemon Go’s release in 2016, millions of players have been catching, trading, and battling ‘mon in the mobile title. With monthly updates and Seasons filled with content, the game keeps fans coming back again and again.

One trainer may have taken their love for the Niantic app too far, though, by playing so much that it literally burned into their iPhone screen, causing permanent damage to the device.

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Pokemon Go player’s iPhone gets screen burn-in from playing too much

Reddit user ‘u/lightguard23‘ shared their issue to the Pokemon Go subreddit on March 29. “Am I playing too much?” they asked. “[Pokemon Go] burnt into iPhone XS screen.”

In the photograph, the bottom of their device’s screen has clear burn-in from the game, with the menu icon, nearby ‘mon tab, and other interface options showing when exited out into the iOS menu.

Fellow players were stunned as it takes a lot of constant playtime for screen burn-in to occur, especially to that degree.

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“This is the first time I have ever seen it on an iPhone,” a reply read. “I know it was possible but I had just never seen it.”

“Keep playing till it’s completely burnt into the screen,” another wrote. “Free Poke Balls for life then.”

One player offered a solution to those worried it could happen to them. “iPhone screens don’t do too well at high brightness and direct sunlight (from playing outside so much),” they said. “Make sure to keep your phone pointed down when you’re not doing something on the screen so it dims the game to black.”

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However, unless you’re playing too much in the sun, don’t worry about the game burning into your screen. The user ended up revealing how it happened in the comments.

“I disabled screen lock and always kept it open with pokemon go on next to my desk LOL,” they explained.

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