Pokemon Go trainer gets hit with the perfect Shiny Miltank prank

Miltank in Pokemon GoNiantic

A Pokemon Go trainer hilariously revealed they had their dreams crushed after being the target of their husband’s Shiny Miltank prank.

Finding a Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go is a reward like no other, as community members literally rejoice when the curiously colored creature has finally been captured.

And with the standard base shiny rate in Pokemon Go being 0.2% or 1 in 500 chance to encounter an alternatively colored creature, players take these special encounters seriously.

Well, for one fan of the pocket monster mobile game, their quest for a Shiny creature was turned into a classic joke.

Shiny Miltank in Pokemon GoNiantic
Miltank joined the Pokemon Go Pokédex back in 2017 and has been the object of many shiny hunts since.

Pokemon Go trainer falls for Shiny Miltank prank

Redditor tundrab0y posted a picture and a story about being pranked by their husband to Reddit. They said: “Husband knows that I want a shiny Miltank more than anything, I’m working upstairs in our home office, and he sent me this…”

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In the picture attached, the user shows members of the Pokemon Go subreddit a standard colored version of the upbeat creature but colored in with shades of blue to mimic the shiny version of the monster.

The doctored Miltank even features an introduction to the prank from the husband, saying: “Shiny Miltank in the house” with shocked emojis. 

Other fellow Redditors joined in on the wholesome prank by commenting on the lighthearted joke as one person said: “This is so cute and sweet; he’s a keeper!”

Another person typed: “Welp, guess you gotta get divorced.”

For any Pokemon Go trainers out there struggling to get a Shiny Pokemon in the mobile game – just as tundrab0y has – worry not; it’ll come eventually. In the meantime, try to find joy in the journey.

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