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Pokemon Go trainer finds the perfect Pokemon to be renamed “Karen”

Published: 27/Oct/2021 18:50

by David Purcell


The Karen meme has taken over the entire internet in 2021 and now a Pokemon Go trainer has found a way to bring her to the game. 

There’s a lot going on in Pokemon Go this Fall, building towards the end of the Season of Mischief.

For Halloween, Niantic has broken up the festivities into two parts called Creepy Companions and Ghoulish Pals, giving members of the community a chance to pick up loads of bonuses on the way.

In the midst of all those in-game mini-events, one player has found a scary character they would like to rename – and it’s a perfect choice.


Pokemon Go player brings Karen to the game

halloween pokemon go
Pokemon Company
Halloween is a spooky time of year in Pokemon Go.

On October 27, Reddit user The9tail revealed their very own “Karen” in Pokemon Go.

As you can see, it’s the bushy-haired Tangrowth with angry eyes and purple smoke around it, fits the bill.

They posted: “I think I have found naming perfection…”

I think I have found naming perfection… from pokemongo

In response to the meme, one user suggested a way to make it even better.

They said: “You gotta find something that has Outrage as a charge move (e.g. Dragonite). That way, when you attack someone and do the charge move, it’ll show ‘Karen used Outrage.’ And you will laugh every time.”

Others were more critical: “Eh Karen’s are supposed to have short hair.”


What is the Karen meme?

The Karen meme is a pejorative term for white women, who are perceived as too entitled or too demanding – leading to associations of them complaining, looking angry, etc.

As you can see with this Pokemon Go meme, nobody looks angrier than Tangrowth.