Pokemon Go trainer finds knife-wielding Hitmonlee at PokeStop and fans love it

pokemon go hitmonlee knife headerNiantic / The Pokemon Company

One Pokemon Go player found an oddly shaped silhouette at a Pokestop that appeared to show a Hitmonlee holding a knife in its hand.

As Pokemon Go uses real-life places and landmarks to represent in-game objects, some players have encountered quite a few interesting or funny interactions as a result.

Often times these real-life landmarks put Pokemon in funny situations trainers would typically never see them in, like a Lickitung in a fairly risque position.

Now, one trainer spotted the silhouette of a Hitmonlee that appeared to be holding a weapon thanks to a perfectly placed sign.

Pokemon Go trainer spots armed Hitmonlee

A post on the Pokemon Go subreddit showed off the funny encounter with the caption “Why does this Hitmonlee look like it’s holding a knife?”

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In the attached picture, Hitmonlee’s silhouette circled and he does actually look to be holding some sort of sharp object thanks to the image behind it.

The post gained over 150 comments with players riffing on Hitmonlee’s name or claiming it was a new evolution of the Pokemon who had gone down a darker path.

One Reddit user answered the initial question with a simple “Because he chose violence,” while a different fan claimed that it wasn’t Hitmonlee but rather “Hitmanlee…only found between dark alleys.”

One fan referenced Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Finizen and said, “It’s the new regional evolution. The dolphin gets a heart when it evolves. Hitmonlee learns knife fighting skills.”

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Another fan dubbed the Pokemon “Stabmonlee,” while one trainer corrected them and called them “Stabmonflee.” Other clever names for this dangerous Hitmonlee included “Shankmonlee,” “Shivmonlee,” and “Hitmonjack” just to name a few.

In reality, the “Albatross” sign in the background matched the silhouette’s color almost exactly. “I hope you’re just trying to be funny. I don’t want to sabotage the moment but here you go. The bird’s wing makes a really good silhouette,” said one trainer.