Pokemon Go trainer finds exploit that hatches eggs without moving

pokemon go egg with hoopaNiantic

Niantic have tried to put a stop to the most accessible Pokemon Go exploits in the past, but one trainer has found an unusual way to hatch eggs without moving. 

As players of the mobile game will know already, hatching eggs takes a whole lot of walking. There’s a load of different eggs to hatch in-game, from 2km to 10km – and even Strange Eggs from time to time.

With many players having full-time jobs or being involved in education, commutes can be a good way to rack up your footstep count and get some great egg Pokemon.

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However, for those wanting to potentially stay indoors or hatch eggs from their seat at home, a fresh exploit has surfaced. Though, not everybody will be able to pull it off.

Pokemon Go egg hatching exploit uncovered

pokemon go in a fieldNiantic
Walking around is the best way to hatch eggs in Pokemon Go, but this exploit cuts corners.

The game’s subreddit is one of the most popular on the internet, with hundreds of thousands of posts locked into the page discussing everything from application updates to ongoing events.

On September 6, a user posted their latest way to crack open eggs without pulling in the mileage.

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They said: “I’m on the 34th floor and it bugs out my Pokémon Go and makes it think I am wandering all over the city from my living room. If I sit on my couch I can hatch a 2k egg in less than 10 min. How beautiful.”

Pokemon Go GPS drift

Not everybody will know about this trick, but there is some usual GPS drift in the game anyway – and that can be significantly greater if you live in a high-rise apartment.

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One responded: “Gps drift is super common in high rises,” while another posted: “In Las Vegas I was pretty high up and I hatched so many 12km eggs.”

There is also talk among players that they can disable the setting that allows Wi-Fi to establish an accurate GPS signal to increase drift, but this doesn’t work on all devices. So, next time you’re in a high-rise building or if you have the chance to live in a high tower, don’t forget to turn on Pokemon Go!

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Eggs will be changing during the Season of Mischief Hoopa event, too. More information on that here. 

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