Pokemon Go trainer earns 11 million XP without catching a single thing

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A Pokemon Go trainer on Reddit has managed to get through Level 43 in the game without catching a single Pokemon, earning 11 million XP to do so.

After reaching Level 40 in Pokemon Go, trainers must earn a set amount of XP and complete dedicated tasks in order to move on to the next level.

In the jump from Level 49 to Level 50, you must earn 30 million XP on top of the millions you’ve already earned throughout your time playing the game.

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One trainer on Reddit has managed to get through Level 43’s requirement of 11 million XP and 110 Go Battle League matches without catching a single creature, winning a single Raid, or spinning a single PokeStop.

Pokemon Go trainer magically earns 11 million XP to level up

“I made it through level 43 without catching a Pokemon, winning a raid, or visiting a stop,” said the trainer on the Pokemon Go subreddit.

In the screenshot, you can see the Level up screen as well as the detail of what they’ve done over the previous level.

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In regard to Pokemon caught, Raids won, and PokeStops visited — they all show zero.

Users quickly flooded the comments with their thoughts, with many confused about how it was possible.

One user asked, “How did you get to this lvl without catching a Pokemon, raiding or visiting a stop!?”

While another thought he hadn’t caught a Pokemon at all since Level 1. “The way it’s worded makes it seem like you went from level 1 to 44 without catching Pokemon, lmao,” they said.

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