Pokemon Go trainer celebrates first 4 star catch: “It’s literally trash”


A Pokemon Go player’s first monster with perfect IVs is a big accomplishment, though sometimes it’s not always one’s favorite Pokemon that takes the spotlight.

There are a lot of ways for Pokemon Go players to set up their own goals while playing the mobile game. Some trainers prefer to catch as many rare Shiny Pokemon as they can, while others try to find strong monsters with the perfect stats.

The latter is usually much more difficult, as finding Pokemon with perfect IVs is harder given those hidden stats are randomly generated for each individual monster.

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As such, this milestone is usually a big one for all dedicated Pokemon Go trainers. Though, sometimes fans end up getting their first 4-star Pokemon in ways they never expected — or from Pokemon they never anticipated.

Pokemon Go players celebrate trainer’s “trash” 4-star monster

A trainer on the Pokemon Go subreddit made a post titled, “My first 4 star is literally trash,” to celebrate their accomplishment.

As avid Pokemon fans may have already guessed, the 4-star Pokemon in question was a simple Trubbish, a Pokemon introduced in Generation 5 which is based on overflowing or ripped trash bags.

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Naturally, Trubbish has been the butt of many jokes among the Pokemon community, thanks to its inspiration, design, and name. Seeing as it’s quite literally a “trash” Pokemon, it generally isn’t overly popular among the fanbase when compared to others like Pikachu, Eevee, or the various Legendaries and Starters.

Still, others congratulated the trainer on their accomplishment regardless of the Pokemon at the center of it. “I snagged this 4 star today too! Hopefully you get a better one soon, just gotta keep tossing balls,” said one fan.

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Another trainer suggested their Trubbish could be a “Future gigantimax Garbodor,” in reference to Trubbish’s evolution and its powerful Gigantimax form in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

Others offered up their own stories surrounding the Trash Bag Pokemon, as one player mentioned they managed to catch a Shiny Trubbish once. “I got a shiny one once… so my shiny is trash.”

While Trubbish may not be the ideal Pokemon to get perfect IVs for, it certainly makes the accomplishment memorable. Who knows, maybe the Poison-type will have a special place in this trainer’s heart from now on thanks to its powerful showing in Pokemon Go.

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