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Pokemon Go trainer can’t believe Shiny luck after Raid crashes

Published: 13/May/2022 18:52

by Zackerie Fairfax


After a rocky start to a limited-time 3-star Raid, a Pokemon Go player came out on top with some insane Shiny luck during the 2022 Water Festival.

Pokemon Go Raids are what some players would consider the end-game content of the mobile monster collector. These high-level battles require multiple trainers to team up against powerful Pokemon.

Additionally, Raids are oftentimes the only way to encounter the Shiny versions of certain Pokemon. And with the odds not being in the players’ favor, trainers usually have to complete numerous Raids to find the Shiny they are looking for.

And with the rocky nature of wireless internet, losing your connection to a Raid can be detrimental. However, one player lucked out and was blessed by Pokemon Go with a shiny even after turbulent connectivity.


Pokemon Go drip lapras finally coming

Player catches Shiny Drip Lapras after Raid crash

During the Pokemon Go Water Festival 2022, players can finally encounter Lapras wearing a scarf aka Drip Lapras. The catch is you can only encounter this costumed Pokemon by participating in three-star Raids.

Three-star Raids aren’t too difficult, and some players can even take them on solo. However, Reddit user CKozoil14 didn’t intend to battle connectivity issues along with the dapper Lapras.

The user reported it took 10 minutes to get into the Raid followed by a flurry of network error messages. CKozoil14 also stated the Pokemon had disappeared while attempting to catch it, but the shiny bow-tie wearing Lapras was found inside their storage box.


CK was lucky for a number of reasons. After finishing a Raid, you have low odds of finding a Shiny. Even if you find one, you have a limited number of Premier Balls to use to catch it. Raid bosses often have a low capture rate, making each throw very important.

It took 10 minutes to get into the Raid, network errors galore and then a disappearing act but thankfully it’s in my pokemon storage. from pokemongo

Failing to capture a Raid boss, especially a Shiny one, can be disappointing and frustrating. So, losing one due to technical difficulties would be all the more so.

Luckily, CKozoil14 came out on top and has an amazing Shiny hunting story to go along with his purple drippy Lapras.