Pokemon Go boycotters urge players not to fold ahead of Togetic Community Day

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As the Togetic Community Day looms, Pokemon Go’s user base is urging players to continue observing the boycott against Remote Raid changes.

Amid changes to the Remote Raid system, Pokemon Go players organized a boycott in hopes that developer Niantic would reverse course.

The feature received an update on April 6, which increased the price of Remote Raid passes and introduced a strict daily limit. In addition to the boycott, fans launched a Change.org petition that’s since exceeded 100,000 signatures.

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Arguably, the real blow to Niantic will come if a good chunk of the player base sits out on the Community Day event slated for Saturday, April 15.

Pokemon Go boycott continues during Togetic Community Day

As Niantic issues reminders concerning this weekend’s Community Day, the Pokemon Go community reminds players to hold the line.

Reddit user Shpluj shared a meme featuring the reminder in question, which invites players to purchase a ticket for Togetic Community Day. The Redditor rounded out the meme by adding a screenshot of Old Man Steve Rogers’ “No, I don’t think I will” moment from Avengers: Endgame.

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Many other community members chimed in to say they, too, will not take part in this weekend’s festivities.

“Really miss playing the game, but I’m sticking to my Boycott,” wrote someone who said this will mark the first time they’ve skipped a Community Day. A post further in the thread reads, “I’m not buying it like normal because they don’t deserve it.”

Another person wrote, “Don’t fold lads. If you do. Still hope you enjoy the ticket.” A few other variations of “Don’t fold, please” appear throughout the thread, as well.

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Niantic has a track record of ignoring boycotts and petitions. But it’ll be interesting to see if the boycott on Togetic Community Day kicks up enough dust to spark change for Pokemon Go’s Remote Raid situation.

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