Pokemon Go Test Your Mettle Catch Challenge tasks & rewards

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The Test Your Mettle Catch Challenge has arrived in Pokemon Go, requiring players to complete a variety of catching tasks in order to earn some brilliant rewards.

Fans of Steel-type Pokemon will be right at home during Test Your Mettle. This limited-time event puts the spotlight on Steel-type creatures including Togedemaru and Mega Aggron, which have both now made their Pokemon Go debuts.

To help you encounter these new creatures, there’s an event-exclusive Catch Challenge to work your way through. As the name suggests, it’s full of catching tasks with a Togedemaru encounter and Aggron Mega Energy available as rewards.

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about the Test Your Mettle Catch Challenge including all of the tasks and the rewards you’ll get for completing each step.

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Pokemon Go Test Your Mettle Catch Challenge tasks

Here are all of the tasks and rewards in the Test Your Mettle Catch Challenge:

Step 1 of 2

  • Catch 25 Steel-type Pokemon – 25 Poke Balls
  • Walk 2km – Onix encounter
  • Make 15 Nice Throws – 20 Great Balls
  • Make 10 Great Throws – 10 Ultra Balls
  • Make 5 Curveball Throws – 10 Pinap Berries
  • Use 10 Berries to help catch Pokemon – 25 Steelix Mega Energy

Rewards: Togedemaru encounter, 1 Magnetic Lure Module, and 2500 XP

Step 2 of 2

  • Catch 25 Steel-type Pokemon – 25 Poke Balls
  • Make 15 Curveball Throws – 3 Golden Razz Berries
  • Evolve 3 Steel-type Pokemon – 20 Great Balls
  • Make 5 Excellent Throws – Beldum encounter
  • Catch 5 different species of Steel-type Pokemon – Alolan Sandshrew encounter
  • Take snapshots of 5 different wild Steel-type Pokemon – 1000 Stardust

Rewards: 50 Aggron Mega Energy, Aron encounter, and 50 Aron Candy

This event-exclusive Catch Challenge is only available from Friday, September 16, 2022, at 10AM until Wednesday, September 21, 2022, at 8PM local time, so make sure you’ve completed every task by then.

Many of these Catch Challenge tasks require you to catch or take snapshots of different Steel-type Pokemon, so we’ve included some examples of the Pokemon that are eligible for these tasks below.

What Steel-type Pokemon are in Pokemon Go?

Here are some of the Steel-type Pokemon you can catch to complete these tasks:

  • Magnemite (Wild)
  • Aron (Wild)
  • Beldum (Wild)
  • Bronzor (Wild)
  • Ferroseed (Wild)
  • Togedemaru (Wild)
  • Galarian Stunfisk (Wild)
  • Shieldon (Raids)
  • Klink (Raids)
  • Magneton (Raids)
  • Skarmory (Raids)
  • Kartana (Raids)
  • Celesteela (Raids)

These Steel-type Pokemon will be appearing in the wild, in Raids, and as Field Research rewards during the Test Your Mettle event, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble completing the Catch Challenge.

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