Pokemon Go teases Guzzlord with November release date

GuzzlordThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon Go has teased a November release date for the game’s newest Ultra Beast: Guzzlord.

Released in the Gen 7 Sun and Moon games for the 3DS, Ultra Beasts are ‘mons that spawn in wormholes throughout the Alolan region.

Pokemon Go began releasing the powerful creatures on June 5, 2022, and has continued sprinkling more of the Ultra Beasts into the game since then.

One Ultra Beasts that fans were hoping to see released around Halloween, Guzzlord, has been revealed by the official Pokemon Go Twitter… with a mystery November launch date.

Pokemon Go teases November Guzzlord release

The video shows the first set of Ultra beasts alongside their release date and scientific name. UB-01 Symbiont being Nihilago, UB-02 Absorption being Buzzwole, and so on.

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In the end, it shows UB-05 Glutton, which trainers know as Guzzlord. Underneath the name, it shows “11.??” which means trainers worldwide will see the constantly hungry Ultra Beast in the mobile game sometime in November 2022.

This announcement comes just days after a user on Twitter posted their predictions for new spawns in October, with many calling for Guzzlord to release during a Halloween-based event.

However, since Guzzlord is known as the Ultra Beast that’s always hungry, fans are now calling for it to be released during an event focused around Thanksgiving in the US.

It’s unknown when they’ll announce the official date, so we’ll have to wait to see what Niantic has up its sleeve. In the meantime, head over to check out more Pokemon Go guides.

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