Pokemon Go streamer receives death threats for continuing to play the game

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A streamer who has continued to play Pokemon Go despite the community’s negative reception of recent updates has received death threats from disgruntled players over his continued enjoyment of the game.

Pokemon Go players are passionate about Niantic’s mobile monster collector. And oftentimes, their passion is on full display when a change is made that doesn’t quite sit well with the community.

Most recently, the Pokemon Go community rallied together against a series of Remote Raid Pass nerfs. This led to a boycott, a petition with over 100k signatures, and a deafening outcry from players across the internet.

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However, it also resulted in a negative attitude from players who feel scorned by Pokemon Go. And this negativity has manifested in the form of hateful, violent messages aimed at creators who still enjoy Pokemon Go.

Death threats sent to Pokemon Go streamer

FleeceKing, a Twitch streamer who primarily plays Pokemon Go and was the first player to reach level 50, has been on the receiving end of these harmful messages.

“This has gone way too far now, and I’m very hurt,” they stated. “Encouraging me to suicide, saying I don’t have a real job, mocking my life & people who support me all because I bought a ticket to an in-person Go Fest. These DMs and comments are extremely hurtful, and I need a break.”

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Fleece’s tweet included screenshots of messages he received, which included encouraging suicide, mocking him for playing Pokemon Go, and general insults.

In his tweet, FleeceKing claims the hate was a result of him buying a ticket to the in-person Pokemon Go Fest 2023 event. Tickets went on sale on Wednesday for three separate in-person locations, one of which has already sold out.

Despite the visceral backlash Fleece received, many users in the comments showed support for his content and decision to participate in the Go Fest event later this year.

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