Pokemon Go player reveals insane shiny egg haul in 24 hours

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A Pokemon Go player recently shared their incredible haul of caught/hatched shiny eggs, all obtained within 24 hours.

As rare variants of pre-existing creatures, the shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go hold a lot of value. Players can stumble across them in the wild by chance, but it’s not exactly a common feat.

However, Community Days and other events like Pokemon Go Fest can increase the odds of a shiny being spotted at random in the wild.

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One Pokemon Go player, in particular, has enjoyed somewhat of a lucky streak since the last Community Day event, evidenced by the five shinies they captured in a day.

Pokemon Go player gets lucky with impressive shiny egg haul

Reddit user HaydnOSmith claims they caught and hatched five different shinies in Pokemon Go in only 24 hours.

The shiny Pokemon in question include all of the following – Crustle, Zangoose, Wailmer, Cherubi, and Togepi. “My god, I’ve never been this lucky,” the player wrote of their impressive dominance over the odds of collecting shiny Pokemon.

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Needless to say, other Pokemon Go players are feeling a bit jealous about the Redditor’s lucky break. “Let me get some of that shiny luck sheeesh,” one person wrote in the comments. “So jealous about that zangoose,” said someone else further down the thread.

Another player joked that the original poster’s luck must have rubbed off on them. The user wrote, “I saw this post and thought, ‘Man, I wish I had a shiny Wailmer, I should go out and find one.'” Apparently, they went for a walk outside and ended up finding the Wailmer they wanted.

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Others think Niantic’s nerfing of Remote Raid Passes may have “messed with the rates on shinies and hundos.” Multiple people claim they’ve gotten lucky with shiny eggs in Pokemon Go several times since the changes started rolling out.

Should the above theory prove accurate, it’s possible that such luck may not last for very long.

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