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Pokemon Go: Shinx to feature throughout May

Published: 1/May/2020 17:41

by Paul Cot


May’s Research Breakthrough encounter has been revealed in Pokemon Go, and it will be the popular electric-type, Shinx.

The Flash Pokemon will replace Alolan Exeggutor and will be available from Friday, May 1, 1pm PDT to Monday, June 1, 1pm PDT. It will also come with bonus candies!

As many of you will be well aware, all you need to do to earn a Shinx encounter is obtain seven Field Research stamps. The tasks are found at random from all PokeStops, and you can only earn one stamp a day. Here’s how you can effectively manage your Field Research tasks.

Shinx Pokemon Go
It might not be a Legendary but trainers will be pleased with Shinx as a Research Breakthrough encounter…

How strong is Shinx?


When it comes to analyzing how strong Shinx is we’ll need to look at its final evolved form, Luxray. It costs 25 candies to evolve Shinx into Luxio and then a further 100 into Luxray – so it’s worth making sure you pick a good one!

Unfortunately when looking at its stats, they don’t make for encouraging reading. Its defense and stamina are mediocre at best, and although its attack is better, that isn’t enough to make it appealing for PvP – at least on stats alone.


Its pure electric typing does give it only one vulnerability in ground attacks, though. It is resistant to electric, flying, and steel-type attacks.

Luxray Pokemon Go
Wild Charge is a must have move for Luxray…


Luxray has three Fast Moves at its disposal – Hidden Power, Snarl, and Spark. Hidden Power hits the hardest, but even then it only does three damage per turn. Snarl and Spark are similar in terms of damage and energy generation, but given the benefit of STAB on Spark, this seems the best move to have.

Thanks to a recent change in GO Battle League, Wild Charge is now a must have move for Luxray – and any other electric Pokemon, for that matter. It does a massive 100 damage for just a 45 energy requirement. It can even lower your opponent’s defensive stat.

The Gleam Eyes Pokemon other two Charge Moves are Crunch and Hyper Beam. Obviously the latter hits a lot harder, but does need nearly twice the energy. For what Luxray offers, there isn’t a lot between them.

Prior to the change to Wild Charge, Shinx wouldn’t have been the most appealing of PvP picks. However, Wild Charge does make it an interesting option to try and may even take a few trainers by surprise.


Pokemon Unite Fortnite-style skins leak and fans are loving it

Published: 18/Jan/2021 20:29

by Brent Koepp


New screenshots of Pokemon MOBA Unite have allegedly leaked online, and show off a variety of vibrant Fortnite-style skins that players will be able to equip on their favorite ‘mon.

Despite being announced in June 2020, not a lot is actually known about The Pokemon Company’s upcoming MOBA project, Unite. The mobile team battle title still doesn’t even have a release date.

Screenshots have leaked online that reveal various skins that players will be able to make their ‘mon wear. The alternative costumes give monsters a completely new look.

Pokemon Unite leaked screenshot of Skins.
Twitter: @CentroLeaks
A leaked image allegedly shows skins for Pokemon Unite.

Pokemon Unite skins leak online

On January 14, popular Pokemon leak account ‘CentroLeaks’ posted a flurry of pictures that reportedly show skins from the upcoming MOBA release. In the images, Gen IV favorite Lucario dawns a cape and stylish hat, while Mr. Mime appropriately wears a gold showman outfit.

Some of the skins are downright silly looking. Sinnoh region’s Garchomp, for instance, can be seen wearing snorkeling goggles on top of its head, while sporting a vibrant tropical shirt.

It’s not entirely clear how players unlock the skins or how many alternative attire each ‘mon will get. But several screenshots depict what looks like a currency of sorts used to acquire each new skin.

Many in the Pokemon community instantly fell in love with Sword & Shield starter Cinderace’s epic pirate look, such as one user who wrote, “this is the best thing I’ve ever seen.” Other fans said the skins made them more likely to check the game out. “Actually I might just get this game now,” one fan replied. Okay now I have to play,” another agreed.

Pokemon fans react to Unite Skin Leaks on Twitter screenshot.

The Unite leaks even sparked discussion about the mainline series utilizing skins. “Imagine these type of skins for mainline Pokemon games so you can play competitive with skins,” one Trainer tweeted.

Screenshot of Pokemon players reacting to Unite skin leaks.

Alongside the skins, new gameplay footage of Unite also made its way online. The 14-minute clip appears to be from the closed beta in China, and gives a more in-depth look at how the game plays.

It’s not too surprising to see skins added to a Pokemon game – after all, ‘mon dressing up in cosplay costumes was a big feature in Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire in 2014.

Saying this, Unite seems to be taking it to the next level. While most fans seem on board, only time will tell if the prices for these unique skins will be fair or not.