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Pokemon • Aug 05, 2019

Pokemon Go September Community Day rumors

Pokemon Go September Community Day rumors

As one Pokemon Go community day ends, rumors start immediately circulating for the next. Which Pokemon will headline in September?


With the Ralts event now in the books, we can now look forward to the as yet unannounced September Community Day.

When is the September Community Day?

Back in April, Niantic took the unprecedented step of announcing the dates of four community days in advance. These were for May, June, July and August.

Ralts was the headliner of the last Pokemon Go Community Day...


As of writing though, and with the September day potentially just weeks away, we still don't have a date for that day. A long-term complaint from Pokemon Go trainers had been the lack of notice to prepare for the monthly events, with Niantic letting fans know less than a month in advance.

Trainers appreciated the longer-term planning and as a result it seems likely Niantic will announce several in advance again - possibly all the way up until Christmas. This remains to be seen though and they could well revert back to announcing them monthly.


Who will headline?

At this point, most know the Pokemon Go pattern for determining headliners - they alternate between starter and non-starter Pokemon. This is a trend that has been present ever since community days were introduced in January 2018.

Ralts is a non-starter Pokemon, of course. This means if the pattern continues then we'll have a starter-Pokemon headlining August. Mudkip headlined in July which is the last of the Gen 3 starters.

Pokemon Fandom
Turtwig is the grass-type starter from Gen 4...


Presumably this means we move on to Gen 4 and as previous community days have indicated it is the grass-type that goes first, that or it is done by Pokedex number. In all generations to date, the Pokedex entry order has gone grass, fire and then water - so it is unknown which Niantic use to determine the order.

The Gen 4 grass-type starter is Turtwig and it will be the firm favorite to headline in September.

Turtwig to Torterra

Turtwig eventually evolves into Torterra but the dual grass and ground-type isn't particularly strong. This will likely see a powerful exclusive move introduced to give it some relevance in the Pokemon Go meta.


What bonuses can we expect?

At this point three-hour lures as are certain as can be - they have featured in the last 9 community days and have only been absent once.

The other bonus deviates between 3x catch stardust, 3x catch XP and 1/4 egg hatching distance. As the latter featured most recently in August and 3x catch XP before that, 3x catch stardust looks most likely for the September event.

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