Pokemon Go sends double buddy candy notification despite retracting bonus

A Pokemon Go trainer playing with their buddyNiantic

Pokemon Go sent a push notification to some players’ devices regarding the recently advertised 2x buddy candy despite retracting the Sustainability Week bonus.

It’s no secret that fans of Pokemon Go haven’t been too happy with Niantic over the last few weeks due to the company nerfing Remote Raid battles.

They also recently removed a previously advertised Sustainability Week 2x buddy candy bonus, leaving players furious as the event was in the process of rolling out to players.

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Despite retracting the bonus, Pokemon Go fans took to Reddit to share that the game still sent them a notification for it.

Pokemon Go sends push notification for non-existing bonus

In a post on the Pokemon Go subreddit, user ChronicleOrion shared a screenshot of the notification and their thoughts about receiving it.

“I know there’s been controversy because they included the double candy from walking your buddy in the original announcement for Sustainability Week, and then retracted that bonus on Twitter. But I just now got this notification. Are they giving it to us now after all?” the user asked.

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“Or is this just further proof that they intended to give it to us, and took it away (but forgot to cancel this scheduled push notification)?”

Users quickly took to the comments to share their thoughts about Niantic retracting the bonus.

“Typical Niantic, my guess is the latter. They forgot to cancel this scheduled notification. Tbh they should have just given the reduced candy distance to the players. They don’t lose anything from this,” one replied.

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Another replied: “What Niantic is doing now is just a sloppy cover-up over a rollback of a feature in an event they had already advertised. Typical Niantic.”

Others on the other hand wondered whether or not it would have been too hard for Niantic to include the feature after mistakenly advertising it due to trainers that may be in the middle of the distance needed to get candy with their buddy.

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