Pokemon Go Season of Mischief & Duskull Community Day details leak early

picture of trevenant and screenshot of pokemon go mapPokebeach.com / The Pokemon Company

Thanks to Pokemon Go data miners, we now have more details for the Season of Mischief event, as well as dialogue for October’s Duskull Community Day research. 

When Niantic first announced Pokemon Go’s final season of 2021, the Season of Mischief, they left quite a few details open for future announcements.

They initially gave us information on how to catch Hoopa, then they gave us Inkay and Malamar, and more recently they announced the Furfrou focused fashion week.

Thanks to Pokeminers, we know about the next introduction to the Season of Mischief, and it’s bringing spooky tree ‘mons Phantump and Trevenant with it. The miners have also provided dialogue for the recently announced Duskull Community Day and Secrets of the Jungle research.

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pokemon go season of mischiefNiantic
The Season of Mischief began September 1 and runs until December 1.

Pokemon Go Season of Mischief leaks

Adding to the 16 pages of Misunderstood Mischief, Pokeminers has revealed that more spooky Pokemon will be spawning soon but unfortunately, the exact date is still unknown.

Professor Willow begins his dialogue with questions about the spawns: “Hey there, %PLAYERNAME%! It’s so good to see you again, even if under these odd circumstances. It appears that some spooky Pokémon have begun appearing nearby! Where do they come from? Why are they here?”

The leak goes on to show that the Professor believes the spooky spawns are provided by Hoopa, its actions during Go Fest 2021, and that he wants the player to explore more ghost-type ‘mon. A few steps later, Willow explains that he approached a tree with a red glowing eye.

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Game Freak / Reddit: kalistacat
The Ghost character has a tragic backstory.

“I quickly realized that this was a Trevenant, the Elder Tree Pokémon, and it was assessing whether I was friend or foe! After all, it will trap people who harm the forest, so they can never leave.”

“It must have sensed that I was just there for research because it turned back around and ignored me. Its attention then returning to the many smaller Phantump that were surrounding its feet. ”

Assuming nothing changes in the game, these lines from Willow confirm that the ghost-type ‘mon Phantump and its evolution Trevenant will be introduced within the last eight pages of the Misunderstood Mischief special research.

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Secrets of the Jungle and Duskull Community Day research

Pokeminers has also provided the community with Professor Willows dialogue for the movie-based Secrets of the Jungle research as well as October’s Duskull Community Day.

It seems as if Willow has players chasing a variety of Pokemon before encountering the Galar-based mythical Pokemon, Zarude.

Screenshot of Legendary Zarude Pokemon Sword & Shield.Game Freak / The Pokemon Company
To accompany the release of the newest Pokemon movie, Zarude will be released on Pokemon Go.

While we don’t know if players will have to find them in the wild or if they’re provided as a reward during the research, PoGo trainers will be able to catch Drillbur, Combee, and Nuzleaf before being rewarded an encounter with the mythical monkey.

As for the Duskull Community Day, the miners have provided the dialogue for the event special research, leaving us to wonder if there will be free, timed research available during the day.

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Following the style of previous ticketed Special Research, this one focuses on the ghost-type activity as well as Duskull and its evolutions, Dusclops and Dusknoir.

The current Fashion Week event ends on September 28. As for the Secrets of The Jungle and Duskull events, Niantic has confirmed those will both take place in early and mid-October. Keep an eye on our Pokemon Go hub for any updates regarding the game – but it’s looking good so far.