Pokemon Go trainers furious as Season of Light stickers locked behind paywall

Pokemon Go Season of Light Paywall StickersNiantic

Pokemon Go fans aren’t happy with several microtransactions bogging the app down, but a recent round of Season-themed Stickers seems to be the last straw.

Pokemon Go players can collect more than just Pokemon species alongside spinning stops and battling Gyms. Stickers are cute little accents that can be attached to gifts sent to friends. These Stickers are often themed for events happening in the game, and feature hand-drawn art.

Players can collect Stickers in a number of ways depending on the event they are a part of. This includes finding them in gifts sent by friends, receiving them as rewards for spinning PokeStops, or purchasing them in bundles through the in-game store.

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While Pokemon Go Stickers are cute, their purpose as solely cosmetic items doesn’t incentivize many players to sink premium currency on them when browsing the game store. Instead, it is more beneficial to grind them through the cost-free methods of gameplay.

However, the Season of Light stickers have an unfortunate hurdle for fans of Sticker sets, as they don’t seem to be appearing through the announced collection methods.

Pokemon Go players call Niantic out for Sticker Microtransactions

Comments found below the official announcement from PokemonGoApp on Twitter call Niantic out for issues with Sticker distribution. The description for the Stickers on the Pokemon Go website states players will be able to “get season-themed Stickers by spinning PokéStops, opening Gifts, and purchasing them from the in-game shop.” but so far that doesn’t seem to be the case.

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Pokemon Go player JoltyJon13 has shared confusion, commenting “Currently none of them because they’re paywalled despite your announcement saying we could get them in gifts/Pokestops…”

KateArvenBlack also vocalizes frustration, adding “Paywalled Stickers and trash boxes in the shop, no thanks. I hope people aren’t buying any of that to not give in those overpriced items. Give us back adventure box and ultra box from month back.” the comment also points out the newest frustration for many players – the unpleasantly expensive and unhelpful item boxes featured in the Pokemon Go shop.

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Many players have already announced they have purchased the Pokemon Go Stickers for the event. This is no small cost, With each sticker sold separately in a bundle of 10 for 35 Poke Coins or a bundle of 30 for 80 Poke Coins. To get 10 of each event sticker, it will cost players 175 coins. While this is less than a storage upgrade, it is a sharp cost for entirely cosmetic items.

Hopefully, the event Stickers will begin appearing in gifts and at PokeStops in the near future, giving players the access that was described on the event’s homepage. If not, many fans may choose to skip the Pokemon Go Stickers for this event.

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