Pokemon Go Research Breakthrough rewards disappoint players expecting Remote Raid passes

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Some Pokemon Go players learned the hard way that they have a low chance of receiving Remote Raid passes as Research Breakthrough rewards.

Pokemon Go’s Remote Raid passes let users join nearby Raids without having to travel to the actual location. These same passes additionally allow players to participate in global Raid Battles upon invitation from other Trainers.

Unsurprisingly, these items are much sought after by those who regularly play the popular mobile game. Niantic recently increased the base cost of Remote Raid passes, too. Previously, one Remote Raid pass ran for 100 PokeCoins; the price increased to 195 PokeCoins on April 6.

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The addition of passes as one possible reward for completing Research Breakthroughs didn’t balance out the price hike as much as some would have hoped.

Research Breakthrough rewards upset some Pokemon Go fans

Reddit user Uunikana shared a meme slamming Niantic for supposedly lying about Research Breakthroughs offering rewards in the form of Remote Raid passes.

The Redditor reconfigured the famous Tyler, the Creator “So That Was a F***ing Lie” meme to get their point across.

However, several other Pokemon Go players have noted that there’s been a misunderstanding. Niantic never guaranteed that Remote Raid passes would automatically be rewarded for completing a Research Breakthrough in Pokemon Go.

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“They never told us it was guaranteed,” one person wrote in response to the above post before adding, “A 1% chance to get a raid pass is still a chance lol.” Another user explained, “[It’s] not guaranteed. Just added to the pool of possible rewards.”

This confusion arrives on the heels of Pokemon Go users staging a strike due to the aforementioned Remote Raid pass price increase. The hope is that developer Niantic will reverse course with respect to the changes. As of writing, no such rollback has occurred.

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