Pokemon Go player celebrates Community Day with real-life PokeStop

A real life Pokestop in Pokemon GONiantic

A Pokemon Go player placed an incredible real-life PokeStop in Toronto to celebrate the May 2023 Fennekin Community Day.

Community Days are monthly events in Pokemon Go that put the focus on a specific Pokemon. During these events, the headline Pokemon has boosted wild spawns, increased Shiny odds, and can learn exclusive moves after evolving.

On May 21, Pokemon Go held the May 2023 Community Day featuring Generation 6 starter Fennekin. Trainers who evolved a Braixen during event hours – or up to five hours after – could receive a Delphox that knows the Fire-type Charged Attack Blast Burn.

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To celebrate Fennekin’s Community Day, one Pokemon Go player brought a real-life PokeStop to Toronto’s High Park. Keep reading to find out all the places this PokeStop has traveled.

Pokemon Go player brings real-life PokeStop to Toronto

Fennekin Community Day Fur and Flames Pokemon GoNiantic

Twitter user RealCapnSteel announced he had brought the PokeStop to Toronto’s High Park for the May 2023 Community Day. The OP brought crocheted plushies of Fennekin’s original and Shiny forms, while those who spun the PokeStop were also given unspecified goodies.

This isn’t the first time the real-life PokeStop has been spotted in the wild – it’s also been to several locations across Canada. Previously, it appeared in Mississauga’s Celebration Square for Swinub’s April 2023 Community Day Classic.

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The PokeStop also went to Pickering, Ontario, for the April 2023 Togetic Community Day and Stratford for Slowpoke’s event.

In response to RealCapnSteel’s creation, fellow Pokemon Go players voiced their hopes that these PokeStops would appear worldwide.

“You should dress up as a Team Rocket grunt and go stand there menacingly,” one user joked in response to the Wisconsin PokeStop.

Recently, a Pokemon Go player discovered another real-life PokeStop in River Falls, Wisconsin. The landmark was seen in a pile of snow in the midwestern state.

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Other than PokeStops, Pokemon Go allows players to meet up for in-person events. In late April 2023, Niantic revealed the details behind this year’s Pokemon Go Fest. Check out our guide for more information about the annual festivity.

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