Pokemon Go raids could be getting big improvements in the future

pokemon go raid official artNiantic / The Pokemon Company

Changes to Pokemon Go’s raid system could be in the cards as developer Niantic is asking to interview players directly about their experience with the feature and “how to improve” it.

While the hit mobile app has undergone many changes since its release in 2016, adding features such as Powered-Up PokeStops and Adventure Sync to better the game, raids are something that’s gone almost untouched.

That could be set to change, though, with Niantic putting out a request to interview trainers about their thoughts and experiences with the feature. Could big improvements be on the way?

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Pokemon Go Legendary Raid Boss RayquazaNiantic / The Pokemon Company
Players have wanted changes to raids for a while now.

Pokemon Go raids could get an overhaul

On January 7, 2022, researchers from the Niantic x RIT Geo Games and Media Research Lab research team posted to the r/PokemonGo subreddit asking to interview players directly about raids.

“We work together with Niantic to research how to improve the user experiences of Pokémon GO players,” they wrote. “We’re looking to interview Pokémon GO players about how they feel about raiding experiences and how raiding influences their Pokémon GO gameplay and lifestyle.”

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The research team also attached a document that stated “In the interview, you will be asked questions tailored to your gameplay and your personal experience with raiding in Pokemon Go” and that calls would take around 45 minutes to complete.

Users who couldn’t schedule a call flooded the replies with their requests, with a ready-up button and a button for dodging among the most wanted changes.

With Niantic asking for such detailed feedback about raiding, it begs the question: will the classic Pokemon Go feature receive an update or a complete overhaul in the future?

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