Pokemon Go Power Plant event Field Research tasks & rewards

The Pokemon Go Field Research reward symbol on a Power Plant event backgroundNiantic

The Pokemon Go Power Plant event has begun, meaning there are loads of exclusive Field Research tasks for players to complete and earn some great rewards in the process.

Pokemon Go’s latest celebration, the two-week-long Power Plant event, is dedicated to the power plants found in Kanto and Kalos, featuring loads of themed Pokemon and the debut of Helioptile and Heliolisk.

As always, there’s also a series of event-exclusive Field Research tasks to unlock and complete, with rewards including encounters with Electric-type Pokemon including Joltik, Magnemite, and Electrike.

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We’ve got details on all of the Field Research tasks you can complete during the Power Plant event below, as well as the rewards on offer.


A poster for the Power Plant Field Research tasks in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Power Plant event Field Research tasks

Here are all of the event-exclusive Field Research tasks you can get during the Power Plant event, as well as the rewards for completing them:

Field Research Task Reward
Catch 5 Electric-type Pokemon Electrike, Helioptile, or Joltik encounter
Make 3 Curveball Throws Magnemite or Voltorb encounter
Walk 1km Helioptile encounter
Walk 2km Alolan Grimer or Trubbish encounter
Walk 4km Emolga encounter
Take a snapshot of a wild Electric-type Pokemon 25 Mega Ampharos Energy or 25 Mega Manectric Energy

You can unlock these Field Research tasks at random by spinning PokeStops during the Power Plant event. They’ll run alongside the standard Field Research tasks for January 2022.

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If you’re struggling to find Helioptile in the wild, completing these Field Research tasks might be the best way to catch one. Emolga is another standout as it won’t be appearing in the wild.

Pokemon Go Power Plant start & end date

The Power Plant event begins in Pokemon Go on Wednesday, January 19, at 10am local time and ends on Tuesday, February 1, at 10am local time.

This means you’ll have just under two weeks to complete all of these Field Research tasks and unlock all of the rewards on offer – and hopefully earn enough Helioptile Candy to evolve a Heliolisk!

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That’s not all, though, as the Power Plant event is actually split into two parts. The second half is called ‘A Bad Feeling…’ and it kicks off on January 24. Expect appearances from Team Go Rocket and more.

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