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Pokemon • Jan 15, 2019

Pokemon Go | How to request a new PokeStop & Gym

Pokemon Go | How to request a new PokeStop & Gym

PokeStops and Gyms can either be found in abundance or sparingly depending on where you are. Consequently, Niantic have introduced the ability to request a PokeStop and Gym to be added to the Pokemon Go map.


Pokemon Go PokeStop Submissions

Unfortunately PokeStop submissions through the Pokemon Go app, currently, aren't available. Niantic have however, introduced the feature in Brazil and South Korea. Reportedly, some players in Ireland also have this functionality.

Pokemon Go trainers who are level 40 and above can use the in-app form to send off PokeStop location requests.

It is worth noting that this feature was initially introduced in these countries back in September 2018. It is worth noting that nearly four months later that there hasn't been any official communications update for this feature in other countries.

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Update: In addition to Brazil and South Korea, Vietnam and Peru now has a beta version of the PokeStop nomination feature.


Submissions Through Ingress

Niantic's other flagship game, Ingress, has something called portals. Without going into detail, these work similarly to PokeStops whereby they are actual locations in the game based on real places.

Ingress players have the ability to submit new portals for review. When these are accepted, they will also become PokeStops. As a result of this, Pokemon Go players are downloading Ingress to effectively request PokeStops.

Firstly, this is only possible if you downloaded the Ingress app prior to the Prime version of the app. The functionality to request portals/PokeStops isn't yet available in Prime.

The older version of Ingress is called Redacted. Furthermore, there is a supposedly working solution to get the Redacted version today.

You need to find someone who already has the Redacted version and get them to invite you through a Google e-mail. This should allow you to create an account in the Redacted version.

Reaching level 10 is required to submit portals to the Operation Portal Recon (OPR). However, reaching level 12 is required to be able to review other player's submissions. Disappointingly reaching level 12 takes twice as long as level 10.

It is important to reach level 12 because without doing so there will simply be submissions and few players reviewing them. This would result in little to none of the requests getting accepted.

Requesting PokeStops in the Pokemon Go app...

Other Ways to Get PokeStops

If you don't want to invest the time in Ingress then there are other alternatives. Unfortunately those alternatives don't fully solve the problem.

The first alternative is to find a high level Ingress player to help speed the process along.

The second, and final alternative we're aware of, is to wait for PokeStop submissions to be rolled out across Pokemon Go. Given this started in September 2018, news regarding this might be announced soon.

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If you have any other methods of submitting PokeStop requests, or any of this information changes, contact us on our Pokemon Twitter.

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