Pokemon Go players won’t have to purchase Hoenn Tour tickets for boosted Shiny odds

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Niantic has confirmed that players won’t have to purchase tickets for Pokemon Go Tour Hoenn to access the boosted Shiny odds for the global event on February 25 & 26.

For the past two years, Pokemon Go has hosted events that featured all of the Pokemon from a specific region. 2021’s event featured a tour of the Kanto region, and 2022’s featured beloved Pokemon from the Johto region.

And continuing down the line of Pokemon regions, 2023’s tour event is set to embrace Hoenn of Pokemon Ruby & Saphire. Along with introducing new Shiny forms, trainers also have the opportunity to battle and catch Primal Groudon & Kyogre.

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But unlike the two years prior, Pokemon Go players don’t need to buy tickets to experience the event bonuses. In fact, there aren’t any tickets to be purchased outside of the Las Vegas event and the Masterwork Research.

Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon in Pokemon Go Tour HoennNiantic

No tickets required for Pokemon Go Tour Hoenn

With only a couple of weeks to go until the Pokemon Go Tour Hoenn event, players have been waiting for the tickets to go on sale. However, as reported by Eurogamer, there won’t be any Pokemon Go Tour Hoenn tickets for sale.

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Players can purchase the Shiny Jirachi Masterwork Research for $4.99, but that only gives them access to Special Research that leads to an encounter with a Shiny Mythical Pokemon. All of the other Hoenn Tour event bonuses are free for all players.

This includes the boosted Shiny odds players typically have to pay for. That said, not every Pokemon featured during the event will have boosted odds. While every wild spawn has the chance to be shiny, Niantic states that the boost is for “select species” and that not all Pokemon will be boosted.

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A poster for Pokemon GO Tour Hoenn

This makes the event more accessible and is reminiscent of Pokemon Go Community Days. And while players are praising Niantic for making the event free, they are still waiting for more info.

We don’t currently know which Pokemon will have boosted odds or what the odds even are. Some players expect the odds to be lower than Community Days odds since the event is free and features so many spawns, while others are hoping the benefits are the same as they were for the past two Pokemon Go Tour events.

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