Pokemon Go players want one major Go Battle League change

Kurt Perry
Pokemon Go Battle League three tiers: Great League, Ultra League, and Master League.Niantic

Pokemon Go players are eager for the Go Battle League to receive a big change that would remove its daily battle limit with many questioning why the cap exists in the first place.

Pokemon Go has had a fairly long history with competitive PvP with the first league being introduced in early 2020.

Since then a wide range of unique cups with different restrictions have been introduced like the Fantasy Cup and Jungle Cup. PvP even has its own dedicated meta requiring trainers to catch and level Pokemon with specific IVs, CPs, and movesets.

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However, it’s not perfect and there are some perceived flaws that the community wants reworked to make competitive PvP as fun as possible.

Pokemon Go players want Go Battle League daily battle limit removed

Expressing their frustration on Reddit, a Pokemon Go player highlighted what they believe to be a flaw in Go Battle League that needs to be removed.

The post sarcastically titled “My favorite thing games do is prevent me from playing them,” shows an image of the user reaching the daily battle limit preventing them from playing again.

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This sentiment proved popular with trainers responding “I know. Just let me play the game,” and “I’d take being able to battle unlimited but just no more rewards for the day after your 5 sets.”

“Enough! You had enough fun with the game today. Stop playing it NOW!!! – Every Mobile & Browser grind game,” another player replied mocking Niantic and other mobile game developers.

Not everyone agreed though with one player appreciating the daily limit: “I’d get dozens of dozens of Rare Candies from GBL alone per day. I’m actually glad they put limits on features like these, so at least I can feel like I did everything I could possibly do in a day.”

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As of September 21, the Go Battle League’s daily limit means players can only complete 5 sets a day, the equivalent of 30 battles.

Niantic has not provided an official explanation as to why this cap exists. The two most popular community theories are that the developer either wants to limit rewards or avoid the servers being overloaded.

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