Pokemon Go players want classic April Fools joke to be a real feature

Pokemon Go Sprites april foolsNiantic/The Pokemon Company

Pokemon Go trainers want Niantic to bring back a popular April Fools joke from 2018 which altered the images used in the Pokemon list. 

Throughout the years following the release of Pokemon Go, the developers have provided a wide variety of events as well as playful features every year on April 1.

Those quirks are quickly removed the next day, bringing the game back to its original state.

On April 1, 2018, Niantic altered the images used for Pokemon to their old-school 8-Bit versions — and trainers on Reddit agree that feature should have been permanent.

Pokemon Go trainers want 8-bit images

Reddit user ffturb0 took to the Pokemon Go subreddit after he came across a screenshot from April Fools day in 2018.

In his post, he says he wishes there was an option to have the 8-Bit images in the game all the time.

Shortly after it was posted, trainers flooded the comments with support for the feature.

One user mentioned that he noticed the Pokemon list loaded faster, making some believe the feature could actually benefit some trainers.

“I remember this it was really cool I think it made my game load my Pokemon list faster,” they recalled. “I bet people with slower phones could benefit from having this back, but also for the nostalgia reasons.”

While ‘Cometstarlight’ mentioned that even though they saw people ‘hating’ on the feature, they enjoyed looking at the sprites.

“Oh, I wish they made these a permanent toggle feature,” they said. “I remember seeing so many people on Facebook hating on these because they were ‘confusing’ and ‘didn’t make sense.’

“They honestly made scrolling through and finding certain Pokemon easier for me since I grew up looking at sprites like these.”

With over 5,800 upvotes and growing on the original post, it’s clear that people would appreciate having the feature added to the game permanently.

It’s unknown whether or not Niantic would add 8-bit sprites back to Pokemon Go — but we’ll make sure to update if it ever happens.