Pokémon Go players suggest genius ways Niantic could offer Pokecoins to encourage exploration

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Pokemon Go players develop an easy Pokecoin method to suggest to Niantic. The idea combines exploration with exercise to earn in-game currency.

Pokemon Go trainers have recently put Niantic on blast for raising the price of Remote Raid passes on April 6. The cost adjustment has negatively impacted both disabled users and those living in rural communities. Now, the Remote Raid nerf has disadvantaged those raiding in person.

Niantic’s Remote Raid change has encouraged – or forced – Pokemon Go players to go outside more. Therefore, trainers have now suggested Niantic implement a system where people earn Pokecoins for walking.

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Pokemon Go players propose walking to earn Pokecoins

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Reddit user lasershot0791 urged Niantic to consider offering Pokecoins in exchange for walking a certain distance. Lasershot0791 suggested the idea due to Niantic’s interest in players going outside and gathering their data.

Fellow Pokemon Go trainers reacted to the suggestion in the post’s comment section. “1 coin per km seems the most realistic idea that Niantic will do,” No_Composer9401 wrote.

“Since Remote Raids are gone, halving buddy candy distance for legendaries would also be nice,” Admiral17900 proposed. Other users advised Niantic also to offer guaranteed XL candy and Mega Energy while walking.

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kick3r99 explained how another game utilized a similar strategy. “Pikmin Bloom does something like this, and it feels way better than Pokemon Go’s since you feel more in control of if you get your coins instead of just hoping someone else knocks out your Pokemon,” the user said.

Despite the seemingly excellent idea, some players worried about cheaters who “artificially increase their walking distance” to gain an unlimited amount of Pokecoins. Therefore, there should be a weekly or daily limit.

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To learn more about Niantic’s Remote Raid controversy, check out the Change.org petition – which has garnered almost 100,000 signatures. Additionally, the company has had problems with its Campfire social app.

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