Pokemon Go players struggle to find incentives to keep playing in game’s current state

Due to recently implemented changes, Pokemon Go trainers have struggled to find incentives to keep playing the mobile game.

In the past few weeks, Niantic has come under fire for several controversial adjustments to Pokemon Go. Specifically, the company raised the price of Remote Raid Passes from 100 Pokecoins to 195. In response, players have boycotted Pokemon Go and created a Change.org petition with over 100k signatures.

In addition to nerfing Remote Raids, users have demanded that Niantic alter Research Breakthrough encounters. With all these changes and requests, Pokemon Go players have become unmotivated to continue using the application.

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Pokemon Go players are unmotivated to keep playing

Pokémon Go remote raid petitionThe Pokemon Company

On TheSilphRoad subreddit, Reddit user Sweaty_Cockroach7708 posted an explanation as to why they have become apathetic about playing Pokemon Go. The OP’s issues with the game include the Shadow Mamoswine and the Remote Raid Pass situation, lackluster Gyms, and overpowered trainers in the Master League.

“Please tell me what I overlooked and why it should still make sense to try to power up your strongest Pokemon to max?” Sweaty_Cockroach7708 asked. “Losing hope over here.”

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“There’s no point,” Efreet0 agreed. “You’re at the exact same spot that rural f2p are.The game is simply badly designed unless you live in the perfect environment.”

“I pretty much quit playing after the remote raid changes were announced,” Miles_Saintborough added. “Despite me living in a city, no one really plays out here other than the hidden handful that have gyms locked down to their teams and play from home/car.”

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In addition to the trainers’ lack of motivation, they recently felt betrayed by Niantic’s actions. The company swiftly removed the half-distance for Candy, XL Candy, and Mega Energy notification for Sustainability Week 2023. To read more on the incident, check out our article about why players claimed Niantic “gaslit” them.

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