Pokemon Go players spot Rising Heroes debut teaser in new event update

Pokemon Go Rising Heroes CutieflyNiantic

Pokemon Go players have spotted a teaser for an upcoming species debut in the Riding Heroes event. The new Pokemon will be an adorable addition to the in-game Pokedex.

Pokemon Go players are now in the thick of the new Pokemon Go Season – Rising Heroes. So far, fans have seen the debut of Roaming Form Gimmighoul, tackled Regidrago Elite Raids, and enjoyed a Slowpoke and Galarian Slowpoke Community Day.

However, new opportunities are beginning to appear via social media posts from Pokemon Go Developer Niantic. A Community Day featuring Togetic has been confirmed for April 15, 2023, while players are just wrapping up the Let’s Go Event featuring Five Star Lugia and Incarnate Forme Thundurus among many other encounters.

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Now, players have spotted a teaser for a potential upcoming debut in an update post on the Korean Pokemon Go Twitter account, leaving fans excited for what may be announced next.

Pokemon Go may debut Cutiefly in new Rising Heroes event

As shared on the Korean Pokemon Go Twitter account, it seems players will soon be able to catch the adorable Gen 7 Bug/Fairy-type Cutiefly. The post explains that a small Pokemon with a big presence is about to make its first appearance, followed by an image that includes a position of Cutiefly’s body.

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As of the time of this writing, a teaser for Cutiefly is not available on the US or UK Pokemon Go Twitter accounts. However, it is likely they will go live sometime later today.

However, fans on the Silph Road subreddit are excited about the tiny new debut. Many are speculating what type of event would contain the Alolan companion. One comments, “Maybe during a bug-related event, so Mega-Heracross as well? (Come on, how doesn’t it look like a superhero?!)” while another adds, “Cutiefly & Bounsweet debut this spring. Maybe Passimian for this year’s Earth Day event, after Oranguru last year?”

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While there aren’t many details yet, it seems like Pokemon Go fans are eager to get their hands on Cutiefly, and are hopeful many other Bug-type debuted may also be coming as the weather continues to warm up.

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