Pokemon Go players slam Niantic over “pitiful” Battle League win rewards

Pokemon Battle League logo.Niantic

The Pokemon Go Battle League offers players rewards for clearing different victory benchmarks and trainers are not happy with the “pitiful” offerings Niantic has put up, particularly the 400 win items.

Pokemon Go’s signature battling system has come under scrutiny after fans noticed just how much work they have to put in in order to reach the highest rewards available.

If players remain dedicated and build all the way up to 400 total wins in the Battle League, they are given 5000 Stardust, a Charged TM, and 10 Great Balls. While those items are certainly welcome, many are complaining that it’s not enough to justify the time spent to get there.

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Pokemon Go trainers label Battle League win rewards “a disappointment”

The conversation was sparked by a post on the game’s subreddit in which someone asked if the community considered these to be decent takeaways after reaching 400 wins.

While there were a few people who noted that they liked the inclusion of the Elite TM, the resounding answer was that Niantic is shorting the most loyal players by not sweetening the deal for them.

One fan noted that the difficulty of Battle League matches makes it even more upsetting that there isn’t a more tempting prize waiting at the end. “I think this is supposed to be Niantic’s way of getting people to use the battle feature, but this is not working for me. I already know there’s no way I’ll ever win that many times,” they said.

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Another player noted that everything in PoGo feels overpriced when considering how much Stardust is earned while playing the game naturally and that they could “spend months” collecting Stardust and only come out with enough to boost up two or three Pokemon total.

While there are also Rank rewards that keep people coming back to the Battle League, there’s no question that the player base is ready for some major upgrades to the system.