Pokemon Go players slam Niantic over deleted tweet telling them to “get outside”

slowpoke and galarian slowpoke chilling on grass next to a small river.Niantic

Pokemon Go players are upset, accusing developer Niantic of trolling the community after a deleted tweet told players to leave their houses and get outside.

On April 6, Niantic released a controversial patch for Pokemon Go that nerfed remote raids. It saw the prices of Remote Raid Passes double and limited their use to five a day.

The impact of this update was huge with some players stating that it singlehandedly killed their Pokemon Go community.

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Niantic has refrained from giving any official response for the nerfs. That was until a now-deleted tweet was posted on April 20, bringing community outrage with it.

Niantic blasted by Pokemon GO players after “trolling” playerbase

On April 20, the official Niantic Twitter posted a tweet joking that the reviews for “going outside,” had been scored 95% by critics and 100% by the audience. Finally, the tweet closed with “#getoutside,” encouraging players to step into the open world.

This tweet was later deleted but not before members of the Pokemon Go Reddit caught wind. The thread accuses Niantic of taking its mask off and “straight up trolling,” the player base.

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One user explained why they think this is problematic: “I know it’s been deleted now, and it’s probably because they’ve realized this could easily be taken as the first response from the company to the Remote Raid changes. And honestly? We shouldn’t let them forget that this is the first thing they’ve said about it.”

Another player vocalized how they felt about the tweet being deleted: “The fact that they deleted this is hilarious and shows they’re starting to get how poorly they’re handling this. Don’t let them hide this, guys. Spread the word about how terrible they treat their players.”

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Some people are concerned the changes will affect those in less stable climates: “It’s 40 degrees F and storming, often pouring rain where I am. The snow finally melted last weekend. Going outside is terrible right now and will damage my phone.”

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