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Pokemon Go players slam Niantic over “awful” Geodude Community Day results

Published: 22/May/2022 19:21

by Alec Mullins


Pokemon Go players were initially excited about May’s Geodude Community Day, but ultimately walked away feeling unsatisfied and upset over how things played out. 

Community Days are special events in Pokemon Go, where a new Pokemon is selected each month to receive an increased spawn rate for a window of time custom to players’ timezones.

While this event is supposed to encourage trainers to come out and enjoy a few hours of enhanced gameplay, that’s not exactly how the most recent excursion went down — and players aren’t happy about it.

Pokemon Go trainers furious after Geodude Community Day

Alolan Geodude Community Day
Alolan Geodude was quite the catch for some trainers, but not everyone got to jump in on the fun.

The biggest problem being highlighted was the disparity in spawn rates for the titular ‘Mon.


While some areas were positively overflowing with them, trainers who live in less populated areas were struggling to find any at all

After one user shared their struggles on the Pokemon Go Reddit, others flooded in sharing their horror stories about the day as well.

One group of trainers even paired up their efforts for the event and still walked away with minimal results.

“This spotlight hour (in no way was this community day) is what broke my will to play. I get the other changes and was irritated but I had six friends with me, we barely had the spawns with incense going while walking, one of the PokeStop bonuses never activated, and between the six of us, we got one shiny,” they said.


Another player noted that throughout the entire event, not a single Geodude spawned in their area: “All I got in Texas was dehydration and disappointment. It’s like they’re nerfing community hours on purpose.”

This isn’t the only thing to get the community fired up recently either. Between this experience and the changes to the Remote Raid Pass, the PoGo crowd has certainly been vocal about the state of the game.