Pokemon Go players slam Niantic for nerfing remote raids: “Your team is a walking L”

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Pokemon Go developer Niantic has been slammed by players of the AR game for nerfing the popular remote raid system.

Players of the popular AR mobile game Pokemon Go have taken issue with developer Niantic after receiving news about new changes coming to the game. Niantic recently announced that they’d be nerfing the popular remote raid system, adjusting the price and adding a limitation on players.

Niantic announced in a statement on their website explaining the reasoning behind their changes, stating that they believe “Remote Raid Passes have come to dominate the experience of playing Pokémon GO in a way we never intended.”

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As such Niantic has increased the price of all remote raid passes in the shop, including the three-pack version as well. On top of this, they’ve also introduced a limit to the number of times players can partake in remote raids per day, cutting players off at a maximum of 5.

Pokemon Go players call out developer for new Remote Raid changes

Pokemon Go players were outraged by the changes made, and have slammed Niantic for doing so. Many players were quick to respond to the tweet about the changes, stating it may have been the “worst decision in gaming”.

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Many have stated that they believe the Niantic team is out of touch with their player base, and are disappointed that companies are never interested in listening to their community.

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Others have said the decision shows Niantic has never lived in rural America, nor do they care for people with disabilities or are mobility challenged.

Some have even gone so far as to ask why Niantic hates the community and their player base so much. “Why do you hate your fan base so much? If people with disabilities were taken into consideration when this decision was made, are you just outright admitting you don’t care for those peoples limitations? This cap is unnecessary and ridiculous, your team is a walking L.” a commenter replied.

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Niantic have stated that the decision to nerf remote raid passes was to realign the game with its goals to have individuals “playing Pokémon GO in person with your friends, family, and community.”

The future is left uncertain for Pokemon Go after these controversial changes, but it’ll be up to Niantic to somehow soothe their very angered community.

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